July 17, 2023 | 1:00PM-2:00PM

Member Event: How to Thrive in a Series of Futures

Change is speeding up for nonprofits. But in which direction?

Interaction’s 2023 NGO Futures Survey of 100 CEOs revealed that more than half of responding organizations are making significant changes to their Business Models—and some leaders know that “this is the perfect storm.”

The problem is: it’s not just one storm. It’s a “polycrisis.” But it's not all bad news: when many things change, many doors open.

Rather than using predictive change management for an unpredictable future, social consultancy firm MzN International recommends building agile, tech-based, financially sustainable organizations that can thrive in a series of futures and are safe bets. MzN will share what this looks like and provide participants with a clear framework for how to tackle the storm.

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