April 01, 2020 | 11:00AM

Managing Overload Amid Massive Change: Leadership Steps to Balance NGO and Nonprofit Need and Capacity to Change

Many NGOs and nonprofits are experiencing increasing demands for their services while simultaneously facing more significant challenges in delivering those services.

In response, they are implementing substantial changes to their strategies, their operating models, and their organizational processes. However, leaders report the conditions leading to the need for these shifts are occurring at a rate faster than their organizations can adapt, creating a feeling of overload among leaders and their staff.

Join experts in a collaborative session exploring the implications of overload if left unchecked, identifying the conditions that can cause overload, and providing four steps leaders should take to manage overload.

This session is co-led by Daryl Conner and Ed Boswell of Conner Advisory, a firm dedicated to serving organizations pursuing changes that matter.