May 19, 2022 | 10:00AM

MEMBERS ONLY: Decolonizing Evaluation and Research Series Session 2: Decolonization in Practice

This is the second session in InterAction’s Decolonizing Evaluation and Research Series, which explores what it means to decolonize evaluation and research in theory and in practice, and how.

During this session, presenters will share how their organizations are working to decolonize evaluation or research by presenting specific case studies.

This session will provide participants with practical examples of how peer organizations are working to decolonize the way they do evaluation or research.


  • Grace Boone, Program Manager, CDA Collaborative Learning Projects
  • Matt Lineal, Chief Program Officer, Nuru International
  • Pauline Wambeti, Managing Director, Nuru Kenya
  • Bindiya Patel, Managing Director, Programs and Innovation Division, PATH
  • Pranati Mohanraj, Senior Technical Advisor, CARE

Case Studies

  • Grace, Pauline, and Matt will discuss a phased transfer of ownership and responsibility from Nuru International to Nuru Kenya. They will cover a 5-year partnership between Stopping As Success and Nuru Kenya and Nuru International, the role of participant-led research in building trust-based partnerships, opportunities and challenges that have arisen as a result, and the ongoing work that continues and is being adapted through Nuru Kenya.
  • Bindiya will discuss PATH’s new Equity in Programming Benchmarks that will launch this month. The benchmarks are a means for PATH to hold themselves accountable for centering equity in their proposals and projects.
  • Pranati will discuss using outcome mapping to develop a locally led tool for measuring women’s empowerment. CARE country teams developed progress markers for outcome mapping by sitting with project participants in multiple countries to ask what changes they want to see.