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InterAction Working Groups

One of the ways InterAction aids and supports the work of its member organizations is by convening a wide variety of issue-based working groups where members gather to discuss and share vital information, receive training and produce joint materials or products. Typically, these groups are developed according to member interest in an issue or topic around which they feel their collective voices will clarify or strengthen responses.

InterAction's current roster of working groups is listed below. For more information on a specific working group, click the staff contact's name to send an email inquiry.

To request membership in any working group, you must first log in to the site using a recognized email address of an InterAction member organization, and then return to this page to complete the relevant contact information and check the relevant box(es) at the bottom of this page.


Group Description Staff Contact
Afghanistan Working Group

This is not an active working group. It only functions as an email list. 

Sandrina da Cruz

CEO Task Force on Aid Reform and Aid Effectiveness

The purpose of this Task Force is to advocate for a strengthened U.S. NGO – USAID relationship by engaging USAID in a high-level dialogue with InterAction CEOs and senior policy staff. The Task Force monitors implementation of the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation and coordinates advocacy to ensure the U.S. government meets the commitments made in Busan. The Task Force is supported by sub-groups organized around three broad topics: procurement reform, transparency and accountability, and building local capacity and country ownership. 

Travis Adkins
Civil Military/Counter-Terrorism (CMCT) Working Group

The CMCT meets with U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State and USAID officials to discuss civil military and counter terrorism issues, including training and education of U.S. government personnel, U.S. civil military and counter-terrorism policies, and other relevant topics which impact the operating environment shared by NGOs and military actors.

Julien Schopp
Communications Directors Working Group

Forum for senior-level communications staff to network, brainstorm and collaborate. This group also pulls together common messaging and activities around key development and humanitarian issues and campaigns affecting the InterAction community, including conflict or natural disasters. 

Caleb Zimmerman

Conflict and Fragility Working Group (CFWG)

This is not an active working group. It only functions as an email list.

Sandrina da Cruz
Disability Working Group

The Disability Working Group promotes inclusion of people with disabilities as a human rights issue and a critical component of effective development.

Patrick Giblin
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Working Group

The DRR Working Group provides a forum to share practical international experiences and knowledge as well as works to improve coordination and raise risk reduction on the international policy and programming agenda.

Mohamed Hilmi

Evaluation and Program Effectiveness Working Group (EPEWG)

Aims to build the capacity of our members to measure and demonstrate their effectiveness, and to inform donor policies and practices on monitoring and evaluation. The EPEWG also promotes the exchange of information on tools, best or cutting edge practices, and member experiences on topics of interest.

Ben Bestor

Food Security & Agriculture Working Group

The InterAction Food Security & Agriculture Working Group seeks to support and strengthen U.S. NGOs that are active in advocacy and are implementing of field programs in international agricultural development and global food security. Through information sharing, learning and documentation of effective and cross-sectoral program approaches, the working group assists U.S. NGO staff in strengthening field programs and shaping the policies that guide agricultural development. The working group also maintains a dialogue with the U.S. government and multilateral institutions on strategies, mechanisms and program approaches to effective agricultural development, and focuses on Congressional advocacy to ensure that investments in international agricultural development and global food security are sustained and ideally increased and that U.S. policy on these issues remains strong and inclusive of U.S. NGO goals and expertise.

Sarah Nitz

G7/G20 Advocacy Alliance

The G7/G20 Advocacy Alliance is a group of 40+ InterAction members and allies who work together to influence the annual G7 and G20 summits. The Alliance meets on an as needed basis beginning eight to nine months prior to each summit to select policy issues to advocate on, based on the summit agendas. In recent years, these issues have included anti-corruption and transparency; food security and nutrition; financial transparency and tax fairness; G7/G20 accountability; infrastructure investment; and  jobs and employment.  Alliance members form policy teams who draft short briefs with three recommendations, which are then used for advocating with the White House, State Department, USAID, Department of the Treasury, and other agencies. The Alliance also has worked on common messaging for media surrounding the summits themselves.

John Ruthrauff

Gender Based Violence Sub-Working Group

Provides a collective voice to advance the GBV programming and policy concerns of InterAction member organizations engaged in humanitarian and conflict programs.

Jessica Lenz

Gender in Humanitarian Action Sub-Working Group

This is not an active working group. It only functions as an email list.

Sandrina da Cruz
Global Health Working Group

The Global Health Working Group looks at the “how to” of health delivery and the strengthening of health systems within the relief and development contexts. The working group discusses areas of concern regarding global health, develops specific health policy recommendations and advocates improving health policies and practices across the sector. The group looks for ways to integrate health across other development sectors, incorporate ‘field’ perspectives on health into its messaging and elevate the health agenda in crisis situations.

Soshana Hashmie
Horn of Africa Working Group

Meets regularly to share information and coordinate advocacy for the Horn of Africa region. Current priorities include humanitarian access, operational constraints and refugee/IDP issues . Open to members only.

Sandrina da Cruz
Humanitarian Partnerships Working Group (HPWG)

The HPWG aims to enhance common understanding, further collaboration and strengthen partnerships with United Nations agencies (namely UNHCR, UNICEF, and WFP) and other key stakeholders within the field of humanitarian response by providing a collective platform for information-sharing, dialogue and action.

Caroline Nichols
Iraq Email Distribution List

This is not an active working group. It only functions as an email list.

Sandrina da Cruz
Lake Chad Basin Working Group

Discusses programming needs and operational challenges in the Lake Chad Basin region including Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria. The group also coordinates advocacy for greater funding and humanitarian access. The working group meets on a monthly basis with regular information sharing.

Sandrina da Cruz
Pakistan Working Group

Meets regularly to share information and to raise awareness about the current humanitarian situation. Open to InterAction members only. 

Sandrina da Cruz

Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Community of Practice

This group provides members the opportunity to learn from each other and share information and resources on how to effectively prevent and respond to allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Liz Bloomfield

Private Sector Working Group

The Private Sector Working Group is a platform for information sharing focused on promoting InterAction members’ strengths as development and relief partners, and also a safe space for dialogue with key private sector actors doing business or expanding into communities where we work. This group caters to and is shaped especially by our colleagues currently in charge of developing and/or managing partnerships with corporations.

Luisa Cordoba
Protection Working Group

Advances the protection programming and policy concerns of InterAction member organizations and to strengthen capacity of InterAction member organizations to identify and respond to protection contextual challenges in the field and at headquarters level.

Liz Bloomfield
Public Policy Committee (PPC)

The Public Policy Committee (PPC) is the central working group for InterAction’s coalition-wide public policy work. It provides a venue for member organizations to come together twice a month to share information and to plan and coordinate joint education and advocacy work focused on U.S. government policy-makers in Congress and in the executive branch. The PPC also hosts a wide variety of speakers from the U.S. government, giving InterAction members a chance to share their views and ask questions of government officials in a more private setting. While the PPC focuses a great deal on budget and appropriations work, it is also a forum for information exchange and coordination on the full range of policy issues affecting our members. 

Soshana Hashmie
Security Advisory Group

The Security Advisory Group is comprised of personnel whose responsibilities include the safety and security of their staff. This group is open to those is any InterAction member organization who seek to increase their organization’s overall safety and security capacity. The SAG also serves as an information exchange between members on areas of concern ranging from particular countries to development of policies.

Lauren Rajczak
Shelter and Settlements Working Group (SSWG)

Improving the collaboration, capacity and practice of organizations involved in the humanitarian Shelter and Settlements sector and works towards shared advocacy objectives to strengthen the voice and policy impacts. The SSWG serves as a link to the global efforts with the intent of increasing the contribution and impact of shelter stakeholders in natural disasters and crises. This group is open to non-members.

Mohamed Hilmi
Social Media Working Group

InterAction’s Social Media Working Group is a collaborative space for social media and digital communicators at member organizations. Participants share social media campaign toolkits, news, and best practices. Webinars and networking events provide additional opportunities for members to connect and learn from each other.

Caleb Zimmerman
South Sudan/Sudan Working Group

Meets regularly to discuss programming needs in Sudan, South Sudan and the region, access and security issues for operational organizations, the current conflict, and topics dealing with political resolution to violence in the region. Open to InterAction members only.

Sandrina da Cruz
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Working Group

Launched in February 2013, this working group convenes as a forum for InterAction members interested in the Sustainable Development Goals. This task force utilizes collective action and strategic information sharing for the advancement of the SDG platform. It also serves as a convening space to mobilize units focusing on specific issue areas such as fragility, gender, and climate change, that affect multiple goals.

Emily Yox
Syria/Iraq Working Group

Discusses operational challenges in the Syria region, including Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey and advocates for greater funding and humanitarian access. The working group meets on a monthly basis with regular information sharing. Given the sensitivity behind these meetings, they are closed to members and meetings are not widely advertised.

Sandrina da Cruz

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Working Group

The WASH Working Group seeks to improve U.S. government policies related to WASH issues in order to increase sustainable access to these basic services in the developing world, improve the integration of WASH across development sectors and prioritize service access to communities most in need.  The group also works hard to encourage partnerships among private, public and non-profit donors in the water sector.

Soshana Hashmie
West Bank/ Gaza Working Group

Meetings monthly to discuss operational concerns and to coordinate advocacy efforts. Open to InterAction members only.

Sandrina da Cruz
Yemen Working Group Meets regularly to facilitate exchange of information regarding operational challenges and to coordinate advocacy efforts. Main priorities include: raising awareness and profile of the humanitarian crisis, access and security issues. Open to InterAction members only. Sandrina da Cruz