CEO Statement on FY2024 Funding Agreement

CEO Statement on FY2024 Funding Agreement

Tom Hart, President and CEO of InterAction, the leading alliance of U.S.-based international NGOs, released the following statement in response to the FY2024 funding agreement released today.

“As the world grapples with increasing poverty and the eruption of humanitarian crises in nearly every region, Congress’ proposed full-year spending bill attempts to douse these raging fires with a garden hose.

“U.S. global development and humanitarian relief—which saves lives and promotes human dignity across the globe—is less than one percent of the budget. It represents the best of American values and promotes U.S. economic and security interests. While we are glad there is some increase in humanitarian assistance, disproportionate cuts to development accounts will further erode resilience and lead to more—and more expensive—crises.

“We are grateful for our congressional champions on both sides of the aisle who did the best they could within the overall constraints.

“It is crucial that Congress pass a supplemental bill that allocates $9.2 billion for global humanitarian assistance. Moreover, Congress should renew its commitment to long-term development priorities for Fiscal Year 2025.”


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