Cementing Brutal Cuts for a Decade: InterAction’s Statement on H.R. 2811

Cementing Brutal Cuts for a Decade: InterAction’s Statement on H.R. 2811

InterAction strongly opposes H.R. 2811, a House bill that slashes federal funding. The bill threatens the full faith and credit of the United States for a year and imposes a decade-long cap on federal spending.

This legislation is not about raising the debt ceiling or fulfilling the obligations of the United States. Rather, it appears to be aimed at punishing the people most in need. 

If H.R. 2811 is enacted and implemented as envisioned by many in the House, vital activities supported by the U.S. government would be seriously harmed. Funding for the upcoming fiscal year could be reduced by 30%, resulting in the denial of critical humanitarian assistance to millions of people and depriving the most vulnerable children worldwide of needed food, vaccines, and education.   

The bill goes further and cements these brutal cuts for a decade.  

Ten years of fewer children with clean water, sufficient nutrition, and basic education.
Ten years of preventing the U.S. from combatting hunger and displacement.
Ten years without fundamental global health investments.  

This is unacceptable. 

While we acknowledge that H.R. 2811 will not survive in the Senate, and the White House would promise in any case to veto it, we cannot accept holding vulnerable people hostage with the threat of economic catastrophe. It is imperative to condemn an action that would cause so much unnecessary hardship.

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