Response to President Biden’s Temporary Port in Gaza

Response to President Biden’s Temporary Port in Gaza

InterAction welcomes President Biden’s decision to establish a seaport for the vital delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. While this development is a positive step, it is crucial to acknowledge the pressing reality that people are currently facing starvation and death. Although the proposed seaport offers advantages over airdrops in terms of cost, volume, safety, and risk of diversion, it remains less effective than facilitating the entry of trucks for on-the-ground aid distribution.

This announcement is a workaround to the government of Israel’s blocking of humanitarian assistance for people in need and the continued violence that creates more needs by the day.

“We welcome the inclusion of sea shipments in the efforts to provide more aid,” said Tom Hart, President and CEO of InterAction, the largest alliance of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and partners in the United States.

“At the same time, efforts to supply more aid must be multi-pronged. Currently, hundreds of trucks filled with essential supplies stand still at the border, some of which have been there for weeks and even months. Prioritizing the swift entry of these trucks and securing the ability to distribute aid safely must be prioritized. The Government of Israel is responsible for guaranteeing the secure and expansive delivery of humanitarian assistance.”

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