Statement on Events at the U.S. Capitol

Statement on Events at the U.S. Capitol

InterAction, the largest U.S.-based alliance of international NGOs and partners, released the following statement in response to the events at the U.S Capitol.

“We are outraged by the violent assault by rioters at the United States Capitol. Nonetheless, we are confident in the enduring strength of American democracy.

“Democracy rests on laws, on policies debated from different political perspectives, and on citizens who have the right to protest and speak truth to power. We believe in the values of bipartisanship to solve problems and the importance of U.S. global leadership.

“A fundamental tenet of democracy is a free and fair election, and when incumbents are defeated, a peaceful transfer of power. What we saw today was not peaceful. And it is the direct result of President Trump failing to accept the results of a legitimate election.

“Today, America’s global role was harmed by images of a Capitol overrun by mob violence. Yet, it will not change the course of our democracy. Joe Biden will be the next president. America, over time, will heal. And, InterAction confirms our commitment to upholding democracy everywhere.”