Statement on Woefully Inadequate FY2024 State, Foreign Operations Bill

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Statement on Woefully Inadequate FY2024 State, Foreign Operations Bill

InterAction, the largest U.S.-based alliance of international NGOs and partners working on development and humanitarian issues, is alarmed that the House is proceeding with a woefully inadequate FY2024 State, Foreign Operations bill.

We appreciate the work of the Appropriations Committee, but we are disappointed that it drafted a bill that cannot be effectively conferenced with the Senate or signed by the President.

Foreign Operations Bill: Dubious Maneuver

To achieve an overall funding level of $52.5 billion—which is still inadequate—the bill relies on a $11 billion rescission that is outside the jurisdiction of the subcommittee and will likely be rejected by the Senate and the White House. This dubious and untenable rescission maneuver results in a staggering 22% shortfall within the bill, raising concerns about the feasibility of meeting all the recommended funding allocations.

Moreover, we find it disheartening that the bill not only falls short of providing adequate funding for critical international programs but also imposes substantial cuts of nearly one-third to key development accounts—jeopardizing existing programs and relationships with local populations and governments.

The bill would decrease USAID Operating Expenses by nearly one-third and put the efficient and effective allocation of resources and the implementation of crucial programs at stake. This reduction would raise major concerns regarding the agency’s ability to respond promptly and appropriately to evolving global challenges.

More Crises. Less Money?

Furthermore, the bill’s proposed reduction in funds allocated to address mounting humanitarian crises is alarming. Rather than shrinking, these crises demand increased attention and support.

345 million people are facing severe hunger—that is more than double the 2020 number. 900,000 people are suffering catastrophic hunger or are one step away from famine. There are 100 million forcibly displaced people—that is more than the populations of California, Texas, and New York combined.

We have said it before and will say again: the math does not add up.

America is Surrendering Its Role as a Global Leader

The inadequate funding levels will forcefully cut short life-saving programs and weaken the United States’ position as a global leader. When America surrenders its role as a global leader, we create a vacuum that our competitors are eager to fill.

U.S. leadership, diplomacy, and national and economic security cost money. Through these cuts, the bill actively withdraws the U.S. from the world stage, surrendering America’s position as a leader and a force for good in the world while making Americans less safe.

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