Lessons from the Road to Transparency: Four Tips for Publishing to IATI

In honor of Sunshine Week – a weeklong celebration of open government – we’d like to share four lessons InterAction has learned in our own journey towards openness.

Here's what US leadership in global development means today

As Congress moves into budget and appropriations season for fiscal 2016, advocates have the opportunity to encourage policymakers to continue U.S. leadership in helping people in the world’s poorest places to become independent and build sustainable futures for themselves and their families.

Catalyzing Economic Growth in Rwanda

Nestled between the bucolic hills of the Mukunguri Marshland lie paddy fields, where the members of the rice cooperative “Abahuzabikorwa” transplant rice seedlings for the new growing season. With the support of ICCO Cooperation, and its local partner UGAMA, farmers in Mukunguri received agricultural  and managerial training.

Women as Leaders in Peaceful Transition

Women are often disproportionately affected by armed conflict, yet are also often excluded from peace processes and seen as helpless and vulnerable victims in need of protection. This month we mark International Women's Day 2015 by celebrating women's progress toward greater political, social, and economic freedoms.

Measles Vaccinations: Saving Millions of Lives Worldwide

The unfolding outbreak of measles across the country has focused attention on whether parents should get their children vaccinated against measles and other diseases. This is a question the Red Cross answers approximately 100 million times a year around the world with life-saving vaccinations.

In Thailand, Burmese Migrant Workers Toil without Rights

An estimated 200,000 Burmese migrants fuel Thailand’s huge fishing industry in Samut Sakhon province, an hour outside of Bangkok. The majority of workers are ethnic Mon from farming villages in southern Burma and they send their salaries to their families back home. Many workers do not hold legal documents and are vulnerable to exploitation by traffickers and lack access to legal protection. 

Invest to Save Lives and Build Sustainable Communities

The collective contributions of the U.S. government and civil society have led to significant progress in addressing global poverty. But the world is complex - new challenges emerge and considerable work remains.


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Mar 19, 2015
In honor of Sunshine Week – a weeklong celebration of open government – we’d like to share four lessons...

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