InterAction's Samuel A. Worthington: Stand With the People of Syria

It was just a few years ago that ordinary Syrian citizens were living their lives. Shops were open for business, bakeries were filled with warm Markook flatbread, schools were packed with children, and hospitals were sanctuaries for the sick.

One Year After Rana Plaza Collapse in Bangladesh, Survivors and Families Struggle to Survive

One year ago today, April 24, as the walls of the multistory Rana Plaza building collapsed around her, Moriom Begum was trapped, injured and unable to move in the dark, surrounded by the lifeless bodies of her co-workers.

What's Next for the G7?

On March 24 leaders of the G7 nations issued a joint statement condemning the Russian Federation’s violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. They agreed to suspend all activities relating to the planned G8 summit in Sochi, Russia, and furthermore announced their own meeting in Brussels in June. These moves effectively removed Russia from the G8.

The Battle for Bentiu

Bentiu, South Sudan—The battle for Bentiu, the capital of oil-producing Unity State, started around 6:30 am Tuesday as I sat beneath a tree sending emails to colleagues a half a world away.

Racing to Help South Sudan

Bentiu, South Sudan — The signs of warring between government and opposition forces are fresh in South Sudan, the world’s youngest country. Scorched earth marks where homes recently stood in Bentiu, and abandoned cars and tanks along with the remnants of two crashed airplanes litter the roads like some giant child’s abandoned toys.

A Farewell to Peter Bell, an NGO Leader and Dear Friend

Last week the U.S. NGO community lost a friend and leader, Peter Bell, who in his lifetime helped shape the concept and direction of global NGOs. As the president and CEO of CARE for a decade, Peter had the opportunity to steer an organization that makes a difference in the lives of countless people, and for years after he continued to influence the work of NGOs as a thought leader. I was fortunate to know him as both a mentor and dear friend.

Frontier Cities: Forging Paths for Partnerships and Learning

As the world urbanizes, cities are poised to take the lead on many global issues like climate change, economic development, and poverty reduction. And the world will increasingly look to cities to take the lead.

Massive Open Online Cities: Can Technology and Democracy Create Revolutionary Solutions from the Bottom Up?

As an urban planner working in the field of international development, I have spent my career working with cities around the globe to solve problems, plan for their aspirations, and help them learn from other cities in the process. Recently, at Global Communities, we partnered with five cities across India and Ghana to improve slum conditions and livelihoods.


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Apr 24, 2014
One year ago today, April 24, as the walls of the multistory Rana Plaza building collapsed around her, Moriom...
Apr 22, 2014
On March 24 leaders of the G7 nations issued a joint statement condemning the Russian Federation’s violation...

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Stand #WithSyria

Millions of Syrians, including nearly 4.3 million children, are living in dire situations – in need of food, medicine, shelter. Since the conflict began more than three years ago, about 6.5 million people have lost their homes while another 2.2 million people are living as refugees. Among those providing life-saving humanitarian assistance are experienced InterAction members. Join us in standing #WithSyria(Photo: James Gordon)