Ebola – A Fragile Healthcare System’s Ripple Effects

Four years ago I traveled over a deeply washed away and rutted dirt track to visit villages in the northern Liberian jungle, in what is now the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak. I focused on a network of small health clinics, which were dealing with the scourges of war and the impact of gender-based violence. Once the emergency of war eased, foreign assistance for these clinics was cut – and now what remains of these clinics are at the heart of an Ebola outbreak. 

A Call for Change

In October 2013, at a high-level event tucked away in a London-based location, heads of state, ministers, and senior leaders from around the world met to collectively commit to ending violence against women and girls in emergencies.  Through a Call to Action, mobilizing various actors to make individual commitments to address this violence, the world’s leaders, international organizations like UNFPA and OCHA, and international NGOs decided to break the stalemate and start mobilizing new ways to address the problem. 

InterAction's Samuel A. Worthington: Stand With the People of Syria

It was just a few years ago that ordinary Syrian citizens were living their lives. Shops were open for business, bakeries were filled with warm Markook flatbread, schools were packed with children, and hospitals were sanctuaries for the sick.


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