InterAction and Good Wolf Group to Offer Leadership and Skill-Building Workshops for NGO Professionals

InterAction and Good Wolf Group to Offer Leadership and Skill-Building Workshops for NGO Professionals

InterAction member organizations will benefit from pragmatic, actionable and cost-effective training opportunities

WASHINGTON — InterAction and Good Wolf Group are pleased to announce a new partnership providing capacity-building workshops and leadership development services at a discount for InterAction member organizations.

InterAction recognized a growing need for programs to help nonprofit professionals develop their skills and adapt to changes in funding, uncertain political support for foreign assistance projects, and other pressures on the international nonprofit community. The Good Wolf Group workshops provide tools and strategies to help individuals and organizations maximize their impact and drive organizational change.

“Good Wolf Group knows the nonprofit space,” said Sam Worthington, InterAction CEO. “They honor the challenges and the humans working every day for social good. The tools and teachings are timely, poignant, and not to be missed.”

Upcoming offerings include a June 12 workshop at InterAction Forum 2018 on leveraging the knowledge of peers for collective problem-solving and an October 15-16 workshop in San Francisco on how and what pace to evolve international non-profit organizations. Additionally, InterAction members can elect to engage in Good Wolf Group workshops at their own offices or in a retreat setting to tailor outcomes to specific staff, leadership, and board needs. For more information on all workshop offerings and to register for the June 12 workshop, please visit the InterAction website:

About InterAction: InterAction is the largest alliance of U.S nongovernmental international organizations. Our members operate in every developing country, working with local communities to overcome poverty and suffering by helping to improve their quality of life.

About Good Wolf Group: Good Wolf Group was created by Alexander “Zander” Grashow as the next evolution in leadership, business and personal development practice, dedicated to spreading two needed capacities in the world. First: the skilled leadership that is required to upgrade the limited and broken systems around us. And second: the personal capacity to align our individual core selves—history, talents, values, and passions—into a coherent model for decision-making and engagement.


Read testimonials from past participants of  the Good Wolf Group’s worskshops:

“Working with Alexander helps draw out the personal, professional, and life factors that impact your ability to lead and engage in change – both in your own life and in your organization. He is thoughtful, challenging, and has a keen ability to shed light on how and why we behave in certain ways and how these behaviors can impact organizational growth and our ability to adapt and change.”

– Amy Coughenour Betancourt, NCBA CLUSA

“The workshop gave our senior team a valuable set of tools, language and concepts that will help us face the future bravely, wisely and cohesively.”
– Bill Abrams, Trickle Up, President

“The training allowed me to build my skills and self-awareness. Working with my peers from NGOs helped to make the training more relevant. Thank you InterAction for bringing us together. Thank you Alexander and your team.”
– Anwar Khan, former CEO, IRUSA

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