InterAction Members Respond to Veto of UNSC Resolution 2449

Photo By:  Sari Omer is licensed under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

InterAction Members Respond to Veto of UNSC Resolution 2449

Security Council Veto of Cross-Border Aid Resolution Condemns 4 Million Syrians to Further Suffering

The vetoes of United Nations Security Council to renew Resolution 2449 by Russia and China and the inability of the Security Council to act collectively in support of Syrian civilians who have suffered from nearly nine years of armed conflict is extremely concerning.

Four million of the 11 million people in need of humanitarian aid in Syria rely on assistance provided through cross-border modalities, including the four border crossing points provided in the original resolution.

Vetoing this critical lifeline leaves these civilians in Syria deprived of access to lifesaving and sustaining humanitarian support as fighting escalates in Idlib and winter nears.

It is critical that Members of the Security Council resume negotiations immediately, with the safety and wellbeing of the Syrian civilian population at the center of their discussions, and adopt a one-year renewal of its resolution 2449 in order to maintain the cross-border operation into Syria before the resolution expires on January 10.

The parties to the conflict in Syria are responsible for the protection of the civilian population, including by facilitating and allowing access by principled humanitarian organizations to people in need. The Security Council must do its part by preserving vital lifelines for the population of Syria at this desperate time.

Read the statement in support of the Resolution here.

InterAction Members Respond