Our Resources

InterAction, in its work to end poverty and help the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, produces many resources for a wide variety of audiences. These resources support InterAction members and partners in their work, they educate decision makers on humanitarian and development issues, and they bring these issues to the broader public.

These resources show the NGO community’s breadth and depth of work in a nonpartisan and nonpolitical way. They are supported by detailed research from InterAction’s membership and working groups.

Major Publications
  • Annual Reports: InterAction is committed to financial accountability and transparency. The annual report includes financial information and a write-up highlighting InterAction’s major work for the year.
  • Foreign Assistance Briefing Book: This collection of policy briefs, published every two years at the start of the new Congress and distributed to policymakers and thought leaders, outlines the NGO community’s views on current foreign assistance challenges.
  • Choose to Invest: This annual booklet provides essential information on core U.S. government humanitarian and development assistance programs, and includes InterAction’s funding recommendations for that fiscal year. 
In addition to the recurring publications listed above – which are published either monthly, yearly or every two years – InterAction regularly produces individual papers and publications showcasing our members' experience and influencing the conversations on several important issues.
In 2010, InterAction released NGO Aid Map, a mapping platform for member projects in different sectors. The maps are a crucial tool to increase NGO transparency to donors, beneficiaries, policymakers and other constituents.
Training Materials
InterAction has created course materials, e-learning tools and other materials to help international NGO professionals in their work. Topics include, but are not limited to, preventing sexual exploitation and abuse of beneficiaries, ensuring gender equality in humanitarian response, aid worker security and impact evaluation.
Document Library
In addition to the major publications listed above, InterAction and its working groups produce several papers and countless fact sheets. These can all be found in InterAction’s document library, as well as in the relevant areas of the website by subject matter.