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Five things you should know about the Rohingya Refugee Response

“Hello!” “Hello!” Rohingya children greet us as we walk through the dusty brick roads and dirt paths of the world’s…

December 30, 2019
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Funding the Future

InterAction’s From Pledge to Action Project works with our Member organizations to change the structural and cultural barriers to…

November 21, 2019


March 23, 2022

Global Trends

January 3, 2020
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Greening Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements Responses

Today is World Habitat Day—a time for the world to come together to create sustainable, carbon-neutral, inclusive communities for all.

October 4, 2021

Guidelines on Setting Up on Community Based Complaint Mechanism

This document from the IASC gives standard operating procedures on collaboration on community-based complaints mechanisms. It involves advice on setting up a CBCM, receiving complaints, processing complaints, referrals for investigations, and communicating investigation status. Please note that this document is from 2016.

December 6, 2019

Harmonized Implementation Tool: UN Implementing Partner PSEA Capacity Assessment

This document from the IASC serves as a reference tool in connection with the UN system wide response to sexual expoitation and abuse (SEA) when working with implementing partners. This document will be useful as a self-assessment tool for organizations operating within the UN sector.

September 29, 2020
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How Stories of Central American Climate Displacement Were Buried Under a Border Crisis

“I’m doing this for my children.” That’s what Martha from Colón, Honduras, said to a reporter in November 2018.

August 13, 2020
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How the World Bank Group Can Ensure Displaced People Are Not Left Behind

The world witnessed historically high levels of forced displacement in the last decade, resulting in human suffering and heightened stress…

June 1, 2021


March 22, 2022