Photo taken from above of a Asian woman crouched down to put long green peppers, scattered over the ground, into a plastic bag.
Photo By: Allan Castaneda (CC BY-NC)

Food Security and Agriculture


Global Development

How Policy Evolves

InterAction developed a comparative analysis of the Global Food Security Act of 2016 (GFSA) and the Global Food Security Strategy (GFSS) 2022-2026 to…
Gwyneth Phagnasay Le
Jill Watkins
Jan 19, 2022
Global Development

Let’s Hear From The Farmers

Eric Bapfakurera has known farmers and been around farming for as long as he can remember. However, ask him when he started farming himself, and…
John Mugabo
Dec 2, 2021
Humanitarian Coordination & Practice

Time to Step Up: World Food Day 2021

Every year on October 16, over 150 countries around the world come together to celebrate World Food Day and acknowledge the progress made and explore…
Jill Watkins
Oct 16, 2021
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Food Security, Nutrition, and Climate Policy Fellow
Senior Manager, Policy and Advocacy