A woman stands at the forefront, staring directly into the camera. A group of women stand behind her cover their faces in protest.

Democracy, Rights, and Governance


Crises & Countries in Conflict

How to Turbocharge the Peace Process in Afghanistan

I am the country director for a large American humanitarian organization working in Afghanistan that has been providing emergency and other lifesaving assistance to Afghan…
Mark Ward
Mar 30, 2021
Crises & Countries in Conflict

InterAction Statement on the Situation in Myanmar

InterAction, the largest U.S.-based alliance of international NGOs and partners, released the following statement in response to the unfolding situation in Myanmar. “Over the weekend,…
Feb 2, 2021
Global & Public Policy Positions

Humanitarian Action Conundrums: Neutrality

In the current moment, when it seems that everything, including tasks as simple as washing your hands or wearing a mark, is politicized, upholding your…
Patricia McIlreavy
Dec 8, 2020
Crises & Countries in Conflict

Supporting Vulnerable Children During The Pandemic

Children’s early childhood experiences have long-lasting effects on their health, development, and quality of life. Ensuring children are nourished, cared for, and safe during this…
Carolyn Moore
Nov 17, 2020
Crises & Countries in Conflict

There’s a Lie You’ve Heard about Haiti

There is one thing you quickly learn when researching anything about Haiti: the country is the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. Rarely does an article…
Elizabeth Courtney
Oct 23, 2020
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