NGOs and Risk Study Enters Second Phase, Survey Now Available

NGOs and Risk Study Enters Second Phase, Survey Now Available

In 2016, InterAction convened a group of major international humanitarian organizations to generate in-depth analysis and practical tools for NGOs operating in high-risk environments. The NGOs and Risk study focused primarily on the experience of international organizations and the ways in which they identify, measure, and manage risk within their own programming and policies.

InterAction, with support from Humanitarian Outcomes, has launched the second phase of the NGOs and Risk study, which will focus on risk management within partnerships between national, local and international NGOs. The study aims to address questions including: how do local and international actors perceive and define the risks to their staff and organizations? Which partner assumes most of the risk, be it security, financial, legal or reputational risk? Are risks co-owned and jointly managed between partners, or simply transferred from one to the other?

This survey seeks the perspectives of as many aid professionals and organizations as possible, including UN, ICRC/IFRC, and international NGOs. It is especially focused on the inputs of local NGOs. Please take 10 minutes to participate in the survey below and share with colleagues.

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Categories of risk faced by humanitarian organizations in high-risk environments.

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