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Together Project

The Together Project represents a hub of advocacy and solidarity for U.S.-based NGOs that provide vital development and humanitarian relief around the world, and confront discrimination or targeted prejudicial regulations in the U.S. due to their operating principles or religious faith. The Together Project enables us to share information and develop strategies in response to shrinking civil society space experienced by these NGOs.

Read the Together Project's latest report, Coming Together through Faith to Save Lives, an Exploration of Interfaith Collaboration.


Empowering Civil Society

Building Connections and Trust to Counter Disinformation

The global rise of dis- and misinformation has increased distrust of traditional media sources and communities. This can seriously restrict the operations of humanitarian…
Alessandra Restifo
Apr 23, 2021
Empowering Civil Society

Understanding Disinformation in the INGO Sector

We live in an era of unprecedented levels of disinformation—false or misrepresented information created and used exclusively to malign a person or group. Aided by…
Justin Martin
Nov 18, 2020
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Senior Manager, Together Project