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Impact of U.S. Leadership and Investments


$750 million

funded by the U.S. government annually to direct and indirectly address violent conflict abroad

109 million

learners in more than 50 countries were reached through USAID education programs between 2011-2017, including 22.6 million children living in conflict settings

89 countries

have received USAID Human Rights Grants to address the most urgent human rights challenges

Four boats sitting in a marsh, holding students as they read from there books during a school lesson.
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37.3 million

people received sustainable access to an improved water supply from 2009-2017, and 24.1 million people received improved access to sanitation facilities

2.2 million

children were born free of HIV thanks lifesaving treatment for 14 million people supported by PEPFAR, which also provided training for nearly 250,000 new health workers in HIV and other essential services

6 million

hectares in Kenya are now under improved management practices thanks to USAID investments in natural resource management, making the area more resilient in the face of drought

Members of CRS-supported SILC groups (Savings and Internal Lending Communities) dance together during a meeting in Awaradoni village, Upper East Region, Ghana. These women have begun making and selling shea nut butter, straw baskets, and parboiled rice ever since interrupted weather patterns related to climate change have inhibited their abilities to earn livelihoods through farming. Awaradoni village, Talensi District, Upper East Region, Ghana, West Africa. March 19, 2016 - Photo by Jake Lyell for CRS.
Photo By:  Jake Lyell (CRS) is licensed under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

$2.3 billion

in private financing mobilized by USAID for more than 100,000 entrepreneurs around the world over the past 12 years through USAID’s Development Credit Authority

23.4 million

people in rural communities lifted out of poverty since 2011 due to the Feed the Future Initiative

80 countries

where USAID currently has gender programs, including Afghanistan where USAID works to strengthen women’s participation in civil society,  helps women gain business and management skills, and fosters women’s increased participation in government