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This resource library serves as a tool for InterAction members to support their efforts around safeguarding in the aid sector.

This library serves as a hub where stakeholders and NGO teams can access resources related to safeguarding. These resources range from guidance documents, training template, and other tools designed to help organizations and NGO staff tackle issues on sexual exploitation abuse, and harassment.

The resource library provides open access to tools and other useful information. It is designed to improve the humanitarian and development sector’s understanding of and ability to prevent and respond to incidents of sexual harassment and abuse when they occur.

Due to some of the content in the Reference Library, it is only available to staff of InterAction Members. Please register utilizing your work email address. If you would like to explore becoming an InterAction Member, please contact Burt Blanchard at

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Catholic Relief Services (CRS): Strengthening Partners in Protection Against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Toolkit

Catholic Relief Services

This toolkit is geared toward national and local organizations. It is primarily designated for use by the 38 national organizations involved in the SPSEA project. It may be of use to PSEA, safeguarding and/or protection focal points, where they exist, or staff in other roles designated to organizational PSEA and safeguarding tasks. It will be of particular use also to senior managers with the overall responsibility for PSEA and safeguarding. It can also be useful for program staff and operational or administrative staff to fulfil the specific PSEA functions related to their roles.

Community Based Safeguarding Visual Toolkit

Habitat for Humanity International, Oxfam International, Wateraid

The community based safeguarding visual toolkit is an adaptable toolkit designed to assist humanitarian and development agencies communicate key safeguarding messages derived from the (IASC) Six Core Principles Relating to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse to the communities in which they and their partners work, helping to break down barriers of language, literacy and accessibility. The ultimate goal for this toolkit is to support communities in realizing their rights in preventing sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment by promoting a ‘speak up’ culture. Please take the time to read the user information guide, which provides background information on the development of the toolkit, how it can be used and adapted to suit a wide range of needs, as well as a technical guide. Please note that the toolkit has been released in English, however this will be followed by an increasing number of languages, with support from Translators Without Borders. To access the toolkit, please click on the name of the resource. On the landing page, you will see all of the components of the toolkit linked. Please take some time to go through the links to determine what best fits your needs as an organization.

Community Based Safeguarding Visual Toolkit – Translations

Habitat for Humanity International, Oxfam International, Wateraid, Translators Without Borders

This resource contains the translate materials of the Community Based Safeguarding Visual Toolkit. To access the translations, please click on the name of the Resource. This will take you to a landing page where you can click on the links of each language available. More translations may become available as time goes on. Please note that InterAction, Oxfam International, Habitat for Humanity International, and WaterAid cannot ensure the accuracy of all translations.

Deployment Package for PSEA Coordinators


This tool provides guidance to PSEA Coordinators tasked with supporting an inter-agency PSEA Program in country under Resident and/or Humanitarian Coordinators. While targeted to Coordinators who are dedicated full time to this role, the tool can be used by anyone who is coordinating PSEA work in country, e.g. PSEA Network co-chairs or PSEA Focal Points.

Oxfam Investigation Report

This document is the report of the Charity Commission's inquiry into Oxfam Great Britian. This report is useful for organizations that are looking to develop a better understanding of some of the risk factors for SEAH.

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Stop the Sexual Assault Against Humanitarian and Development Aid Workers

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Oxfam Independent Commission Interim Report

This document from the Independent Commission proposes recommendations on how Oxfam can better align its values and strengthen its systems to prevent and respond to all forms of abuse of power; harassment; and interpersonal misconduct, including sexual misconduct. This document will be useful for organizations looking to better understand the scandals that galvanized the safeguarding sector and for organizations looking for a starting place on essential safeguarding measures to take.

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Oxfam Final Report June 2019

This document from the Independent Commission on Sexual Misconduct, Accountability and Culture Change provides an overview of the steps that Oxfam was recommended to take to improve safeguarding within the organization in 2018. It is a lengthy document, but has several recommendations for Oxfam that other organizations might find useful to review for their own organization.

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Save the Children Workplace Culture-Independent Review

This document is an Independent Review of Workplace Culture at Save the Children UK. It is from 2018 and it includes an overview of the culture at Save the Children, Trustee Leadership, and Recommendations. The recommendations section may be useful for organizations looking for advice on addressing internal workplace culture issues.

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UN Safe Space Survey Report

This report delivered by Deloitte on behalf of the United Nations describes the findings of their survey on sexual harassment in the workplace. It discusses the prevalence of sexual harassment in the UN< target experience, witness experience, and the work environment. This document will be useful for organizations that are looking to better understand workplace sexual harassment.

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Antecedents and Consequences of Sexual Harassment in Organizations: A Test of an Integrated Model

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Violence at Work--Law and Practice Report

This document from the ILO is intended to facilitate the standard-setting discussion of violence and harassment against women and men in the world of work. It provides information on law and practice across the world that may also be useful in replying to the questionnaire appended to it. This document will be useful for organizations looking to better understand sexual violence and harassment in the workplace.

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Aid in Danger Fact Sheet

This document provides an overview of sexual violence incidents against aid workers from 2015-2017 in 26 GISF partner agencies. Although this document is now out of date, it may help organizations better understand what sexual violence against aid workers looks like.

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Bond Malpractice in the Workplace Policy

This document from Bond is a sample malpractice in the workplace policy. This document is useful for organizations looking for an example of a malpractice in the workplace policy. It is not specific to safeguarding/SEAH.

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